SplashShield® | Marine Piles Protection Jacket System

The SplashShield® Pile Protection System, developed by SAVE Teknoloji, is an excellent protection system for steel piles in marine structures in tidal and splash zones. It provides physical, chemical and electro-chemical protection at the same time.


Cathodic Protection Systems Do Not Operate in the Tidal and Splash Zones of the Pile

Cathodic protection systems designed to prevent galvanic corrosion in the splash areas of the piles are useless.

Cathodic protection systems work with the principle of forming anode and cathode of different potentials, and sea water acts as an electrolyte. The tidal and splash zones of the piles are the areas outside the sea water and the cathodic protection is disabled in these zones.

Pile Jacket Protection Systems Can Cause Crack and Pit Corrosion in Highly Chlorinated Environments

Special precautions must be taken to protect the areas of the piles above the sea water.
Various jacket systems are applied. Many jacket systems used physically protect the surfaces against external effects, stop the corrosion by cutting the bond of the steel surfaces with oxygen. However, in heavy chloride environments, these jackets may also have the effect of increasing crevice and pitting corrosion.

Crack and pit corrosions progress 10-100 times faster than normal corrosion. Iron dissolves in water in an oxygen-free environment under the passive film layer or any coating. The dissolved iron charges the environment in the crack and pit with positive electricity and attracts chloride ions. The HCl formed inside lowers the pH of the environment to 2 and turns it into a strong acid solution. These reactions explain the intense corrosion that occurs under many jacket systems.

What is SplashShield® | Pile Protection System? How Does It Protect?

As a solution to all these problems, the SplashShield® protective coating system was developed by SAVE Technology. The system consists of a T-ribbed uPVC jacket with high physical, chemical and UV resistance and an alkaline electrolyte e-Grout® inside.
SThe SplashShield® Pile Protection System is not just a physical protection and barrier. It also provides a chemical protection by creating a natural protective passive film layer on the steel surface as a result of a very high alkali level such as pH 13.

More importantly than this chemical protection, an electrolytic environment is provided with the hydraulic binder of e-Grout® in the SplashShield® Pile Protection System. In this way, it ensures that the cathodic protection systems are fully activated in the areas of the piles above the water surface and an excellent galvanic protection is formed.

The high-pressure resistant e-Grout® used in the SplashShield® Pile Protection System and the T-ribbed uPVC jacket form an integral composite structure. The ductility resulting from the confinement effect of the T-ribs also gives the system the ability to absorb energy under lateral forces.

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