Polymeric Grout Injection| Polimerik Grout Enjeksiyonu

PGI "Polymeric Grout Injection", developed by SAVE Teknoloji, finds a wide range of uses from waterproofing to ground stabilization. It is a chemical injection product group that stands out with its superior physical properties.


PGI offers effective and long-lasting solutions to water isolation, ground and structural reinforcement problems in different areas such as subway tunnels, mining areas, underground structures, stations, tunnels, reinforced concrete structures.
PGI has a range of products formulated for different needs. PGI, the output of SAVE's R&D studies, is a new generation chemical injection solution. PGI is also used in applications that increase the earthquake resistance of structures such as soil stabilization or foundation reinforcement.


Steps Forward With Its Superior Physical Properties

As a chemical injection system, PGI offers the most suitable solution to the problems with its products that diversify many parameters such as application method, freezing times, reaction timing, viscosity, adhesion and strength.
PGI, one of the new generation products that SAVE transfers its long years of experience to R&D studies, differs from competing products with its special formula.


Offers Wide Area of Use

PGI is used in tunnels, dams, bridges, water tanks, parking lots, pile backs, ground cracks, filling all kinds of capillary and structural cracks in concrete structures, strengthening and insulation of historical buildings.
Polymeric Grout Injections is also preferred for soil improvement by increasing the shear strength of the soil, and to prevent soil liquefaction by making the soils a waterproof lightweight rock.


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