Polymerized Mineral Alloy | Polimerize Mineral Alaşım

Polymerized Mineral Alloy (PMA) is a mineral-based barrier system with superphilic properties, developed to operate in environments with aggressive chemicals, organic pollutants or high concentrations of salts.
PMA is an innovative barrier system solution developed by SAVE Teknoloji. It is used in geosynthetic clay covers, slurry trench cutoff walls, environmental projects such as solid waste landfills, acidic, basic or heavy metal containing mining areas.


Long-Lasting Natural Protection Against Chemicals, Heavy Metals and Organic Pollutants.

PMA®, is used as a long-lasting barrier against chemicals, heavy metals and organic pollutants in mining or reclamation projects. In addition, it protects groundwater against salty sea water. It can be used as a mixture with cement without any deterioration as a result of its high pH compatibility.


Project-Specific Formulated System: PMA

Polymerized Mineral Alloy PMA is formulated to resist chemical, heavy metal or organic pollutants to which the project will be exposed. Hydrophilic or oleophilic properties are gained. The PMA system turns into a paste by absorbing the pollutants in the environment. And this paste forms a permanent barrier.

Ease of Application and Durability

Waste management is one of the most important environmental problems today. As in all developed and developing countries, there are mandatory technical and legal requirements for the construction of domestic, industrial and mining waste areas in our country. It is a legal requirement to use polymer (HDPE) insulation materials together with a natural insulation layer in the base insulation of waste areas and mine process areas. This layer, which is called the natural insulation layer in environmental specifications, is a clay layer with high impermeability. However, in addition to the cost of transporting clays, there are difficulties in its application and compaction. On the other hand, it is often not possible to reach suitable clay resources.
Considering these difficulties with clay, mixing a small amount of PMA with the existing soil in the field to obtain a highly impermeable layer becomes an innovative, easy and economical alternative.

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