"Solution and Value Engineering"

SAVE carries out engineering projects and construction processes that produce advantageous solutions with scientific approaches to problems in the field of construction. The company develops innovative products within SAVE Teknoloji, which is an R&D structure located in Technopark Istanbul.

Solution, Accessibility, Value, Education

SAVE offers effective solutions to building construction problems with a scientific vision, plans value engineering works and develops innovative products. SAVE operates in the fields of corrosion repair, structure reinforcement, ground reinforcement, water insulation and cathodic protection, adopting a problem-solving approach. It solves the problems with its engineering knowledge, industry experience, problem solving skills as well as innovative products created as the output of SAVE's multidisciplinary innovation system.

SAVE is always keen to share engineering knowledge and talent for solving the problem in construction. SAVE first clarifies the problem and then generates the most accurate and efficient solution. Problem clarification is at the heart of all of SAVE's business processes. Therefore, information sharing and education is an essential point for this organization. SAVE transfers its knowledge and experience in a simplified manner so that the problem can be understood by everyone. Thus, SAVE deserves these values, which are the cornerstones of its vision: Solution, Accessibility, Value, Education.

İsmail Çoksayar CV

SAVE Founder / Civil Engineer

İsmail Çoksayar graduated from TED Ankara College and then METU Civil Engineering Department in 1996. During his summer internship at the university, he took part in the TÜGSAŞ Samsun Pier Corrosion Repairs project and became interested in corrosion repair and reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures. For this reason, he focused the courses he took for specialization on these subjects. After his graduation, he started working in the fields of construction chemicals, corrosion repairs and reinforcement.

While the Anıtkabir Aslanlı Road Corrosion Repair and Strengthening Project was completed, the 17 August 1999 Gölcük earthquake occurred. Çoksayar took part in the repair and reinforcement of many industrial facilities, hotels, hospitals, residences, education and marine structures, such as Kordsa, Beksa, Brisa, Federal Mogul, Türk Kablo, Petkim, Aksa, Akkim, Parksa Hilton, which were damaged due to the earthquake.

After the earthquake, he managed repair, reinforcement, ground improvement and cathodic protection projects in many historical buildings and industrial facilities, including repairs to the Topkapı Palace Treasury Department, Iran Vakil Caravanserai, Çanakkale Akçansa Pier, as well as the field of construction chemicals at home and abroad.

He conveyed the knowledge and experience he gained in the presentations he made at the conferences organized by many universities and professional chambers. In addition to his expertise in construction chemicals, corrosion repairs, structural strengthening and cathodic protection, İsmail Çoksayar gained extensive experience in different areas such as geosynthetics, technical textiles, electromechanics, international trade, project design, execution of initiatives, establishment of international business connections, and execution of commercial partnerships since 2008.
The geosynthetic clay liner factory, which Çoksayar undertook the setting up and management, exported to fifty countries.


Moving forward in the light of the core values that form SAVE: Solution, Accessibility, Value, Education


Making problem-solving expertise a value in the construction industry with a multidisciplinary approach

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